Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, and Industrial Applications

Condon Oil Lubricant Division

Proper lubrication protects against wear, friction, and corrosion extending the life of your equipment and reducing downtime. We can do the research for you to find the right product to satisfy your application requirements. Our Condon Oil Lubricants Division offers premium and value lines of lubricants, oils, coolants, fuel treatments, and DEF for bulk or packaged delivery in Wisconsin. Packaged options include jugs, pails, barrels, totes; and cases of quarts, gallons, and tubes. We carry Chevron, Mobil, Shell, Service Pro, Purus, and CITGO lines including Mile Master, Mystic, and Clarion food grade lubricants. These products are designed to support numerous applications and environments including agriculture, automotive, commercial, construction, food production, forestry, industrial, manufacturing, marine, military, and mining. Our qualified team can design and install the right lubrication system to meet your product dispensing needs. Our bulk delivery trucks are equipped with divided compartments to bring you multiple products in a single delivery. Save your valuable time by getting on our bulk keep-fill program and we will monitor your product inventory for you.